Isle of Ameland: Discount Sale double room and breakfast

All the ingredients for a carefree and relaxing short holiday can be found on the Frisian Island of Ameland. Not the biggest, not the smallest, but the nicest Frisian Island to get a breath of fresh air and to get rid of the daily stress and issues of the day. Via you can now book this trip with a great offer, which means that you can book a double room including breakfast for as little as € 49!

Also windmills to be explore on the isle of Ameland.

Short holiday package on the isle of Ameland:

You will stay during this package at Hotel Bij Hen in the center of Hollum. Your hotel is located in one of the oldest buildings on the isle of Ameland. The monumental building dates from 1761. The rooms of the hotel vary from mini, classic, luxurious and comfortable with a whirlpool. All rooms are cozy, furnished and equipped with the usual modern facilities. In addition to a good night’s sleep, you can also spoil your taste buds at Hen.

Hotel Bij Hen at the ilse of Ameland.

What you can do:

There are 4 charming villages on the isle of Ameland; Hollum, Nes, Buren and Ballum. Make a visit to one or more of these villages. Relaxing at your leisure, grabbing a terrace, good food or shopping. In addition, Ameland is ideal for nice walking and cycling trips through the beautiful nature of the island. In addition to the beach and the sea, you can also visit the forest.

For the sportive and active people, you can go in all directions on the water and the beach. From sailing, (surf) canoeing, swimming and diving to (site) surfing and golf.

Also, visit another Frisian Island. There is a ferry service from the isle of Ameland to the other islands.

Make a trip by foot on The Wad

What is included:

  • overnight stay for 2 people in a small or classic double room
  • breakfast


  • parking at the hotel is free
  • the WIFI is free
  • dogs are welcome (for an additional charge)

Book your tickets for Isle of Ameland: Discount Sale double room and breakfast

€ 49,=
per person

Book your tickets

€ 49,=
per person


Westerlaan 9
9161 AN Hollum, Ameland

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