Tickets: Roundtrip by boat from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk

Book here your tickets for a unique cruise from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk, what is a city who is on the UNESCO world heritage list. A unique pearl of the Netherlands where all the typical Dutch facets of water, wind and windmills come together in magnificent surroundings.  This boat-tour brings you back and forth and takes about 4 hours.

To get an impression of Kinderdijk, watch the video from Eileen Aldis Travel Channel.


Get in Rotterdam aboard the ship Nehalennia and let yourself sail to Kinderdijk. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery where you’re slowly passing by. The course takes about 90 minutes and on the way, you can enjoy something to eat.


After you departed from the Centre of Rotterdam, you first sail through the harbour of this city. Admire and make photos of the beautiful bridges and skyline of Rotterdam, that is formed by modern architecture and created by world famous architects.


Once you have arrived in Kinderdijk, you have plenty of time to explore this authentic place for yourself. Let us tell you everything about wind, wind energy, mills and where the mills are used for. In Kinderdijk there are 19 windmills still intact. In the area of Kinderdijk two rivers come together; the Noord and the Lek. The 19 windmills are in two rows of eight mills. The first row is consisting out of round brick mills that are located on the Nederwaard and the other row of eight thatched mills that are located on the Overwaard. In the same area, also there is a so-called “hollow post mill” who grooves a polder and two thatched mills in the polder; Nieuw Lekkerland.

From above


All the mills in Kinderdijk are build in the 18th century because they wanted to groove all the water out of the polders. The Miller lived with his family in the mill. You can’t look over all the mills. The museum mill Nederwaard is a mill you can look at. Here you can see how formaly the Miller called; Hoek with his wife and their 13 children lived. You can also visit the museum mill of the polder Blokweer. In this mill, you can see how the Miller did his job.


While you’re doing this tour you are guided by a guide that speaks; English, German and Dutch. The guide can tell you all about Kinderdijk and her windmills, but also about other highlights that you encounter on your journey.

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