Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: celebrating the 350th Year of Death of Rembrandt van Rijn

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam:

Did you know that the museum has been located in the current building since 1885? And did you know, for example, that Louis Napoleon gave the order to set up a national museum in Amsterdam?

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In 1669, 350 years ago, Rembrandt van Rijn passed away. On the occasion of this special year, various events and exhibitions are organized around Rembrandt. Is your name Rembrandt? Then you are most welcome on 14 February at the official opening of the exhibition “All Rembrandts”. Did you know that 203 people in the Netherlands have the name, Rembrandt? Incidentally, researched in 2014. During the year 2019, more activities will be organized in connection with the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death.

The Nachtwacht:

The Amsterdam Museum is known worldwide for the collection of Great Masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Vermeer, and Frans Hals. Among other things, the famous Nachtwacht can be admired. Who does not remember the famous press moment in 2014 of the Prime Minister of the USA, Obama with our Prime Minister Rutte right in front of the world-famous painting by Rembrandt?

The Nachtwacht by Rembrandt.

Restoration Nachtwacht:

From July 2019, the Nachtwacht will be the subject of a large-scale investigation. It has been found that the condition of the world-famous canvas is deteriorating in some parts. From mid-2019, the painting will be thoroughly investigated with the most modern equipment and advanced technology. Through this ammunition investigation, one hopes to discover the best way to restore the canvas in the long term. This special investigation will also take place during opening hours and can be viewed by the visiting public.

Visiting the Rijksmuseum is a must when your are in Amsterdam.

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