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Learn all about the murder of the founder of the Netherlands, Willen van Oranje. Visit the spot where he was killed and see the bullet holes in the wall yourself. Book your entrance tickets for the Museum Prinsenhof in Delft.

Museum Prinsenhof:

The museum Prinsenhof not only shows the history surrounding the murder of William van Oranje but is a complete museum. In the museum, you can also learn all about how Delft craftsmen tried to match the Chinese craftsmen with the quality of their Delft Blue pottery. You will also find exhibitions about other famous old inhabitants of Delft, such as the world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer, the lawyer and writer Hugo de Groot, the inventor of the microscope, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and another famous painter Michiel van Mierevelt.

William of Orange:

The relationship between Willem van Oranje and that of Museum de Prinsenhof is that Willem van Oranje was shot in this building on 10 July 1584 by Balthazar Gerards. William of Orange had already been declared outlaw in 1580 by the Spanish King Philip II. This is because William of Orange was the leader of the Dutch resistance against the Spaniards. You can visit the place where that dramatic event took place. The bullet holes from that time are clearly visible in the wall.

Delft blue:

The museum dwells on the worldwide iconic content of the famous Delft Blue. How did the traders from earlier times manage to put Delft Blue on the map so that it is still a worldwide concept? This while it was seen for a long time as a kind of counterfeit Chinese porcelain. In the museum, you can admire the beautiful Delft Blue masterpiece.

Delft masters:

Also, consider how well-known Delft researchers have made a more than an important contribution to the development of the Netherlands. Those prominent Delft researchers have had a major influence on crucial development and progress in, among other things, technology, art, and science. The progress that has been of global significance.

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