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Visit the Railway Museum in Utrecht with the whole family and learn all about the 175-year history of the railways in The Netherlands.

Railway Museum:

In the museum, you will find all facets of traveling by train in and through The Netherlands. The museum offers you an extensive view of the different phases from the beginning of the steam trains that made their appearance in The Netherlands until the modern, innovative trains of today. So you stand on a platform in the atmospheres of the 1930s with hissing and steaming steam locomotives and the next moment you can discover in the Techlab XL itself how you can make a train run on electricity.


You will find the following permanent exhibitions in the Railway Museum:

  • Steel Monsters is about the steam locomotive and the very own “railway museum” of Grandpa Harry.
  • In Trains, through time you can enjoy beautiful trains from Dutch rail


Dream away about exotic train journeys such as the Orient Express in Dream Journeys. Every day there are performances in the steam theater.

In the Firetest the visitor is taken through the time of almost 200 years of track history. This spectacular attraction is a true fire test. Only for people of 12 years or older.

Maliebaan station is the building dating from 1874 that you enter when you visit the Railway Museum.

In the Modelmagasin you will find an impressive collection of model trains. Attention is also paid to the person behind model building.

The Techlab is an interactive laboratory for exciting experiments and explains the most diverse questions about trains and how they work.

The Royal Travel exhibition has been open since 4 October and gives a glimpse into how Royalties traveled by train.


  • From 14 April to 1 September 2019, the exhibition Teenage Tour can be seen. Who used to not go on teenage tours in his / her youth? Once started by Dutch Railways in 1969, it has now been 50 years since the Teen Tour started.
  • From May 30 to June 2, the great childhood friend Thomas the Steam Locomotive comes to visit.
  • From 29 June to 7 July, following the successful edition of last year, you will find the cultural experience “The best trip in the Netherlands” in the Railway Museum.
  • From August 17 to September 1 there is a particularly fun day event for children. Outside the Railway Museum, there are fun, surprising and cool activities around the themes of steam, electricity, and friction.
  • From 18 to 22 October the Chuggington do days for the little ones are known from RTL Telekids.
  • Every Tuesday there is Plusdag with free entry tours to special places in the museum.

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Opening hours

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